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Commercial Financing for Alberta Companies


Find solutions for commercial financing in Alberta with Concord Mortgage Group Ltd. We are an independent brokerage that can work with any company, individual, or group of individuals who wish to purchase or refinance commercial property. This includes properties such as restaurants, development & condominium projects, malls, etc. As a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years, we have provided our services to thousands of individuals and companies in Calgary and Alberta.

To be considered for commercial financing, Concord Mortgage Group Ltd. will need to obtain the following information:

A commercial mortgage is ideal for companies which need an operating line of credit, want to make a land or property purchase, or want to refinance their debt. We understand the dilemma that businesses have where reporting low net income for tax purposes can hinder your ability to qualify for credit. Concord Mortgage Group Ltd. can look at a company’s financial position through a real world lens and provide a mortgage solution that fits the needs of the business. Contact us today to talk to a broker about your position.

We also provide agricultural financing.

Looking for a Pre-Approval?

House keys

If you are wondering how much you qualify for, our team can help you.

Buying Your First Home

Miniature house

First-time buyer? Have no fear, we can help you get approved for a loan.





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