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Self-Employed Mortgage in Calgary and Elsewhere

While being self-employed can have many advantages, it can make it more difficult to get an approval for a mortgage. You should not count yourself out of the race yet; Concord Mortgage Group Ltd. may be able to help you get a self-employed mortgage in Calgary. Even if you have no T4s or your taxes are in arrears, we will still try to help you find the right solution to buy your own home. We help people who are incorporated, sole proprietors, and small business owners. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience. Come see us today.

We are committed to getting you the terms and conditions that suit your particular situation and we are dedicated to getting you great terms. We know you want results fast, so we try to get you a fast turnaround time on our transparent proposals. Contact us today and talk to us regarding your financial situation and what you want.

Looking for a Pre-Approval?

House keys

If you are wondering how much you qualify for, our team can help you.

Buying Your First Home

Miniature house

First-time buyer? Have no fear, we can help you get approved for a loan.





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